Launching one game in a year can be a complex, exciting, and occasionally nerve-wracking endeavor. Developing five games simultaneously for 2016 launches on console, PC and VR might sound as crazy as it sometimes feels, but that’s just what we’re doing here at Insomniac. And we’re loving it.

To share (almost) everything we have going on inside the studio, we decided to host our first-ever Insomniac Games media event, spanning two days late last week for journalists and YouTube/Twitch streamers. This is one of the reasons why we love being an independent developer – not only can we make the kind of games we love playing, but we can share them with you in our own special way.

Of course, that meant our publishing partners had to agree to support each other, which is not always that common. Oculus, GameStop and PlayStation could not have been more gracious though. That spirit of collaboration is one of the many things we appreciate about each partner.

Now, onto the games! First, we revealed two new VR franchises, both for Oculus Rift. Here’s a bit more info, but be sure to check out their respective game pages on our website:

Feral Rites: Avenge the death of your father by fighting your way through missions and quests in this VR adventure-brawler. Set on a mystical island, explore unique areas of the island from jungles to temples, while mastering new abilities including the power to transform into a feral beast. Below is the reveal trailer, and our first screenshots from the game, which will appear on the Oculus Store in Fall 2016. Feral Rites will be playable at E3 this year.

The Unspoken: An Oculus Touch‐enabled VR action game that pulls players into a hidden world of spellcasting and magician’s duels. Manipulate the environment around you with the powerful arcane forces that flow through your fingertips, summon ghastly monstrosities with your bare hands, and rise up through the ranks of an urban magic fight club in supernatural PVP combat. Check out the reveal trailer below, and our first screenshots from the game, which will release in November 2016. Attending media got to go hands-on with The Unspoken, so look for their impressions online. The Unspoken will also be playable at E3.

Of course, we’re in the thick of development for our original VR franchise, Edge of Nowhere. We allowed direct feed capture of gameplay we originally showed at GDC, while some folks got to play the first several minutes of the game. Look for those videos online, and check our social media feed for links to footage from other outlets. You can check out some recent screenshots below.

EoN_2_classroom EoN_1_hang 1_dock 3_axe

As part of our VR-related announcements, we shared that Edge of Nowhere will be available in the Oculus Store on Monday, June 6. Price details to come soon.

While VR is an important focus at Insomniac, we’re very proud of our unique partnership with GameStop and Song of the Deep. The game is about how far a young girl will go to find her missing father in the depths of a vast ocean. Song of the Deep is a Metroidvania-style 2D adventure game. We announced at our media event that it will land exclusively on GameStop shelves Tuesday, July 12, along with Xbox Live, PlayStation Store and Steam.

We allowed direct feed capture from a GDC build of the game, so be on the lookout for those videos. In addition, we revealed a new Song of the Deep story trailer, which you can watch here:

We’re encouraged by all the positive feedback on the game’s art style, story and soundtrack. Furthermore, a novelization that Chief Creative Officer Brian Hastings has written will appear in Barnes & Noble stores soon.

Last but certainly not least, we gave everyone a chance to play and stream Ratchet & Clank, which launched earlier in the week exclusively on PS4. We’ve been thrilled with the response so far, from both reviewers and fans. It’s heartening to see how much love exists for our favorite intergalactic heroes. We’re equally excited about an entirely new generation of fans who will be introduced to the franchise when the film launches in theaters beginning on April 29. YOU have the power to make the film No. 1 on opening weekend, so we hope you fill those theaters!

So that’s a look at what we’re up to inside the ball of energy that is Insomniac. We’re looking forward to hearing what you think about everything you’ve seen here. Feel free to share a comment below, or follow us on our social media channels and interact with us there. As always, we appreciate your ongoing support and passion not just for our games, but for this amazing craft in general.



We are truly humbled and honored by the outpouring of love and support we have received from Ratchet & Clank for PlayStation 4 this week. We are excited for our friends in Europe to start jumping in the game next week (April 20th in EU, April 22nd in UK)! But as we have said, this is just the beginning. On April 29th, the first ever Ratchet & Clank movie will hit theaters! This is an amazing moment for us, to see our beloved duo hitting the big screen, and we wanted to share it with you!

On April 28th at 7:00pm Eastern time, we will be at Silverspot Cinema in Chapel Hill, NC (near our Durham Studio) for an early screening of Ratchet & Clank (2D). We will be there early showing off the game and talking to fans, as well as, sticking around after the movie for Q&A, autograph signings, and maybe even a few giveaways.

If you would like to join us, you can purchase tickets to the show here (seating is limited by the theater capacity): Buy Tickets

We hope to see you there! If you can’t make it, we hope you can at least experience the movie at your local theater of choice.



We are excited to announce the Official Ratchet & Clank Collection from iam8bit. All items will go on sale Thursday, April 7 at 10AM PDT through the iam8bit Store. Screen prints are limited to 350 so act now if you want one of those!


Limited Edition 6-Color Screenprint

Original art by Mark Englert
Limited to only 350 copies
36 x 12 inches


Vinyl Soundtrack

Soundtrack to the PS4 game composed by Michael Bross
Original art by Mark Englert
180-gram Translucent Orange Vinyl


Collectible Pin Series

Art by Tony Mora (Insomniac Games Artist)
Hard Enamel Pin
$10 each


Groovitron Oven Mitt

Design based off of the awesome Groovitron glove weapon
Heat resistant up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit


Captain Qwark Shirt

Dress like your favorite hero!


With Ratchet & Clank hitting the PlayStation 4 next month all across the globe, we wanted to give everyone some more information about pre-ordering. As we have announced, the Bouncer weapon is only available via pre-order at participating retailers. Once you get the pre-order bonus, you will download and unlock it in the game. The Bouncer will then be available at the first vendor after the intro portion of the game (for 100 bolts!).

Here is a list of all the current places you can pre-order and receive the Bouncer*.

North America (April 12th)
PlayStation Store**, Amazon, Target, Best Buy, GameStop, Wal-Mart

France (April 15th)
PlayStation Store, Micromania, Fnac, Auchan, Cdiscount, Amazon

Italy (April 20th)
PlayStation Store Exclusive

Germany (April 20th)
PlayStation Store, Amazon, MM / Saturn, Redcoon, Digitec, Libro, Gamestop, Playcom, Flashpoint, Vitrex, WOG

Spain (April 20th)
PlayStation Store, GAME

Australia (April 20th)
PlayStation Store, EB Games

New Zealand (April 20th)
PlayStation Store, Mighty Ape, EB Games, JB HiFi

Netherlands (April 20th)
PlayStation Store, Nedgame,, Wehkamp, Coolblue, VSN, Bart Smit, Intertoys, Media Merkt, Micromedia, Redcoon

Belgium (April 20th)
PlayStation Store, Game Mania, BEM’s, CLD

Austria (April 20th)
PlayStation Store, GameStop, Media Markt, Saturn

Switzerland (April 20th)
PlayStation Store, Amazon, GameStop, Media Markt, World of Games

Ireland (April 22nd)
PlayStation Store, Smyths

UK (April 22nd)
PlayStation Store, GAME, Amazon, ShopTo, Zavvi, Grainger Games, Tesco

*Dates are subject to change and additional retailers may have the ability to offer it. Always check with your local retailer.

**NA PS Store pre-orders also get a Ratchet & Clank PS4 theme (note, there will be a new theme replacing the current pre-order theme, which is similar to the one we’re giving away for free)


That wonderful time of year where we let those trophy hunters among you know what you’ll be searching for in advance.

As always, we don’t reveal hidden trophies – and ask you keep those spoilers to yourself!


The Hero of Heroes
Collect every trophy in Ratchet & Clank

GOLD (2):

Super Trader
Complete Every Holocard set



SILVER (14):

Complete the Game on Challenge Mode

Ultimate Explorer
Collect every gold bolt.

Full Gun Rack
Acquire every weapon in the game

Master of War
Upgrade every weapon to maximum level

These Go to Eleven
Unlock every modification for every weapon

Mr. Fancypants
Upgrade Ratchet’s health to maximum level

Acquire every gadget

Abby Normal
Collect every Telepathopus brain

Go Speed Ratchet, Go!
Win the Gold Cup on both Rilgar and Kalebo

Complete every Trespasser puzzle without using Autohack

Maximizing Potential
Upgrade one weapon to maximum level.

Faster Than a Speeding Ameoboid
Complete the hoverboard Gold Cup on Riglar in under 1:35

Kalebo Thunder
Complete the hoverboard Gold Cup on Kalebo in under 2:05

Kerwan Gladiator
Complete the Fitness Course on Kerwan in under 70 seconds


BRONZE (30):

Death by Disco
Use the Groovitron on every type of enemy

Trader in Training
Complete your first holocard set

Complete your first raritanium mod

Reach the maximum bolt multiplier in challenge mode

Trade in a set of duplicate holocards for a new one

25 Hidden Bronze Trophies (and nope, they aren’t all story related!)


Recently, a lot of people got their hands on Ratchet & Clank (PS4); both at Insomniac and as we traveled abroad across Europe. It was gratifying to finally see people play the game in person and to see such positive coverage come out of it. We have selected a few of our favorite previews for you to check out below, and we’re excited to see more come in over the next few days. We have also added some brand-new gameplay videos and screenshots. Let us know what you think in the comments.

Ratchet & Clank hits the PS4 on April 12th in the US, and April 20th in most EU regions. It will be followed up by the film hitting theaters on April 29th! Be sure to pre-order now for exclusive access to the Bouncer! Available at participating retailers and digitally on the PlayStation Store.


Game Informer: What’s Old Is New Again: Our Early Thoughts On The Reboot
“The new-age Ratchet & Clank works because it’s doing what a good reboot does – retaining what veterans love while showing the new crowd why it was beloved in the first place.”

The Verge: Ratchet & Clank on PS4 might be the best-looking game I’ve ever played
“It’s basically a new Ratchet & Clank game, just one that goes over the same basic story as the original. And it might be the prettiest game I’ve ever played.”

“…what I played of this reimagined origin story blends together the right mix of jaw-dropping technology, witty humor, and explosive set pieces.”

GameSpot Livestream (Starts around 6 mins)


Kinda Funny Games

PlayStation Access

Game Reactor
“From what we’ve been playing, it will be a rounded and fully fledged R&C, with modern mechanics and graphics, all packaged up with all the charisma and appeal you’d expect from a game in 2016.”

More Gameplay Videos

New Screenshots

RCPS4_1_met_train RCPS4_3_ari_run RCPS4_4_nov_bridge RCPS4_5_nov_run

Today we’re announcing Song of the Deep – a brand-new Metroidvania-style underwater adventure. In the game, you follow Merryn, a young girl who is trying to find her father – a fisherman lost to the depths. She builds a rickety submarine to search for him beneath the waves.

You can check out the debut trailer for the game here:

You’ll follow Merryn’s submarine on a journey under the sea, exploring an expansive and mysterious world. You’ll discover sunken cities and diabolical puzzles. You’ll upgrade your ship with new abilities powered by a mysterious substance called Tyne. You’ll battle strange creatures who are intent on dragging you further into the depths.

We’ve been secretly working on building this strange and beautiful world and are now excited to share the first glimpse with you!

SOTD_BoneVault SOTD_MerrowRuins_Action SOTD_MerrowRuins_Statues SOTD_SeaGarden

We’re also happy to say that the game will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. No matter which platform you prefer, you’ll be able to purchase the game physically at GameStop stores (you can pre-order it from them now) or you can download it directly from PSN, Xbox Live, or Steam. Song of the Deep launches in Summer 2016 for $14.99.

We’re looking forward to sharing much more from Song of the Deep in the months leading up to launch. In the meantime, you can follow Song of the Deep on Twitter, Like it on Facebook, or discuss in the forums!

Thanks for all of your support of Insomniac and our games!





From the desk (he still uses a desk, right?) of Marcus Smith, Creative Director, Sunset Overdrive.

I’m among the millions of people out there who fell in love with Rocket League last year. It’s a game that is easy to grasp, but takes real skill to master. I am no master, but I’m still giddy over the course of an entire match. It’s that kind of big, high-action fun that I relish to counter (and complement!) hours spent in other realistic, gritty, or cerebral gaming experiences. Rocket League is a game high on action and reliant on reflex. It’s all about near-misses and sudden opportunities. In short, Rocket League would naturally fit with the world of Sunset Overdrive. It would be a sport the denizens of Sunset City would eventually create for themselves (if they could only get those damn cars started!).

Therefore, it seemed perfectly fitting when we were approach by the fine people of Psyonix, asking if they could do some Sunset related Garage Items. Since this is Oscar season, I’ll go so far as to say it was an honor even being considered. But seeing what they did with the Overcharge Rocket Boost was especially thrilling. The Overcharge bubbles look and sound great. When the booster is activated, you can hear the firing mechanism from the Ahab gun in Sunset. It’s so good! Hats off to our friends at Psyonix. They did a hell of a job.



It’s been an exciting year for us at Insomniac. We started 2015 continuing where we left off with Sunset Overdrive and the Dawn of the Rise of the Fallen Machines DLC. We then moved on to something new and exciting in Edge of Nowhere, our Oculus Rift exclusive VR title. We followed that up with showing the world Ratchet & Clank (PS4) gameplay for the first time and more of the movie (including the great celebrity cast). Sprinkle in a few premium mobile titles and our first PC release, Slow Down, Bull (50% of net proceeds going to Starlight Children’s Foundation) and you have a busy year!

As we do each year, the time has come to take a little break and recharge. We will be on holiday as a studio starting today through the New Year. This means you won’t be seeing anything new from us, and responses on social media and support will be slower than normal. We are looking forward to coming back fresh in 2016 with Ratchet & Clank on PS4 AND in theaters in April, Edge of Nowhere hitting the Oculus Rift after the headset releases publicly… and maybe a few other surprises. Thank you for a great year and we will see you all in 2016!

We leave you with our 2015 holiday card based on Edge of Nowhere concept art.

Happy Holidays!



Hey Outernauts,

It is with sadness that we announce the sunsetting of Outernauts for iOS and Android. What does that mean? Starting today, we have removed all in-app purchases (IAPs) from the game. We have also dramatically increased the amount of free Star Gems in the game, so everyone should have a healthy supply of them. Then, on February 1, 2016 we will officially shut down all servers to the game and remove it from the app stores. At that point you will no longer be able to play Outernauts.

We would like to thank the millions of fans around the world who have played Outernauts since its inception on Facebook back in 2012. We have thoroughly enjoyed seeing your passion for the game as it evolved onto Kongregate, and eventually Apple and Android mobile devices. We especially loved chatting with you in Global, and battling alongside you. It has been an amazing experience getting to know as many of you as we did.

The Outernauts universe has gone through many changes over the years. It has been a labor of love for us. We truly cannot thank our spectacular community of fans enough for helping us evolve both the browser and mobile versions of the game. Unfortunately, the current player count cannot keep up with the ongoing server costs. We hope you understand and it will be very hard to say goodbye. We realize there are still passionate fans playing the game daily who invested a lot into it.

Again, THANK YOU for helping us tame the galaxy. Outernauts HQ, signing off.



Why are you shutting the servers down?
The current player count no longer offsets the server and production costs.

How long do I have to play?
You have until February 1, 2016. At that point the servers will go offline.

Will tournaments and Alliance Challenges continue?
All Outernauts functions (except the IAPs via the Loot Shop) will remain until the servers go offline. This includes weekly tournaments, special tournaments and Alliance Challenges.

Will I be able to play the game if still installed AFTER it is removed from the app stores?
No. Outernauts requires a server connection. Once the game is removed from the stores, the servers and game will no longer function. You can remove the app from your device at that point.

I want a refund!
Outernauts was always free-to-play. We cannot give refunds for IAPs and we are giving those who have made purchases some lead time before the servers go offline. All refund requests must be directed to Apple and Google Play directly.