The Unspoken



Greetings Spellcaster, We’ve been watching you. You’re growing more attuned to the city. You can feel the vibrations of mass transit: the rise and fall of crowds, the waves of traffic, the crush of the El Train. You can manipulate these unseen forces of movement as The Kineticist! This astral form directs city debris with […]

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Greetings acolyte, A power plant looms at the south branch of the Chicago River. Once, the station was an engineering marvel, with steam engine turbines that illuminated half the city even as they cloaked its skyline in black fog. But now it stands silent and ominous, shuttered long ago by a bleak safety record. In […]

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Greetings acolyte, The street grid crawls toward the lake shore, then abruptly stops. In the deep recesses of a high-rise foundation, a construction crew makes a startling discovery: a great building of the promenade, long forgotten. The structure is packed tight in strata of dirt and ash. But still it gleams in electric light, an […]

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Ready to make a big impact?  We hope so! Read on

This is the blending of art and technology… think of it as T-ART…

Animating, rigging and scripting – Oh My!!


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