Feral Rites



Hi Everyone – To keep everyone current, and to make sure that we are providing a forum for people to get great info, to share ideas and to have a little insight into what Insomniac Games is all about, we are still working on making Moonlighting a better resource for you. I’ll be honest- I’m […]

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Happy Friday, everyone! It’s been a momentous week for Insomniac. Most of you know we just launched Feral Rites, our second virtual reality game on Oculus Rift and the first VR brawler-adventure of its kind. As we do with all our games, we’ve paid careful attention and responded to player feedback so far. We appreciate […]

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Mike Acton is Director, Core at Insomniac Games. He has been with the studio since Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction, heading up the Insomniac Engine team. Core Dump occurred over August 5-6, 2016 with nearly 90 attendees representing several development studios throughout the industry. CoreDump featured in-depth interviews and panels from the game-dev front lines along with tangible […]

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Are you ready to work in the nuts and bolts of Animation?

Ready to make a big impact?  We hope so! Read on

This is the blending of art and technology… think of it as T-ART…


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