The Unspoken – Arcane Updates

Greetings Acolytes,

We’re watching you. We can see you slip through the veil and into dark back alleys, abandoned factories, and concealed gardens. Power flows through you, and your ascent is staggering to behold.

Do you want to know a secret?

We’ve just begun.

Arcane Updates throughout 2017

Throughout 2017–from the beginning of the year to the end–we’re revealing more of the hidden Chicago. We’re updating The Unspoken with new everything–and we’re evolving the duel itself with help from Spellcasters all over the world.

That means you.

New Arenas

A fog rolls in across the lake. New Arenas coalesce in the mist, with dramatic layouts and dynamic pedestals. Peer into the future with this sneak peek at a concept image:


New Cloaks

Soon, you’ll have the power to change the physical appearance of your Spellcaster. Attentive Acolytes witnessed these new Spellcaster forms during our Facebook Live stream. Behold concept images here, rendered with the gloved hand of a Sage:




New Classes

Each class carries new Primal Spells, Gesture Spells, and play styles. Three practitioners of ancient magics are available at launch. These represent but a few of the myriad techniques of spellcraft. The full array of classes is shrouded in mystery for now–new Spellcaster classes arrive in 2017!

New Artifacts

Soon, you’ll find new Artifacts in your Curio Cabinet. A skillfully cast artifact can turn the tide of battle; careful selection can seal your victory. Ancient Artifacts are uncovered throughout 2017.

New Modes

Learn the art of the duel. Live the lifestyle of an Arch-Mage. But take heed: the duel is a living thing.

New modes of play arrive in 2017. The very nature of Spellcasting will evolve, even as the 1v1 duel lives eternal.

And there is more

Soon, we’ll release better ways to watch and stream The Unspoken. The spectator mode shows all-seeing views of the duel, with an information overlay for informed viewing. And integrated streaming tools grant the power to communicate with those in thrall. We brought The Unspoken to ESL One in Brooklyn, and Intel Extreme Masters Oakland. And stay tuned: soon, we may be coming to an event near you. The Unspoken is amazing to play—and amazing to watch.

In 1893, the Exposition revealed the promise of magic. In 2017, it rises again. The wait will be short. The Unspoken expands early next year and through every subsequent season.
We are listening. Please share your feedback. Help us shape the unseen. What do you like? What do you wish to change? Let us know here in comments, speak invocations on Facebook, chant on Twitter, leave glyphs on Reddit, or summon us telepathically.

Ever Watching . . . and Listening.

  • Michael Hudgins

    Thanks for the amazing game guys! I got to play with a few of you in que yesterday. I can’t wait to see how this game develops. This is the game I have been using to convince my buddies to pick up a Rift.

    Feedback: I made it to the top 20 but I feel like my mechanics are horrible. I would personally love to see a short cooldown imposed on artifacts so that you cant chain all 3 back to back. I have seen people running 3 spear layouts and while I find them easy to dodge, this will easily land you a spot in the top 50 right now. I think it will make class choice matter more when the artifacts have to be used sparingly.

  • AJ Ankenbauer

    So excited, thanks for the amazing game! It is by far my most played Touch game. Also thanks for jumping in and playing with us (even tho I lose everytime to Insomniac players)!

  • Lib Liberte

    BEST EVER GAME!!!, just no like VR game, E V E R!!! An I cannot wait for more of everything, hope you guys will keep your promises 🙂 I CANNOT STOP PLAYING!!!

  • Alex Xeno

    One of the best VR games ever. Looking forward to new content.

  • Ken Ross

    Really is a fantastic game – even the “limited” (as I’ve seen it called) training mode is a lot of fun. What I would LOVE to see is a story mode, even something episodic, where your character could engage in story-driven PVE adventures in between the PVP duels. There’s so much richness to the art direction and game mechanics, I really want to become more part of the world – a blending of the Unspoken and Arizona Sunshine play styles (actually, keep everything you have and add the AS teleport navigation when in “story mode”).