The Unspoken: Play with Dev – April 2017

We hope everyone is enjoying the latest Arcane Update 3.0! How are you liking The Drifter? Like we do each month, here is a look at when we will be jumping online to play Ranked with you all. Look for our “insom_” usernames.

April Play with Dev Events

Wednesday, April 12 @ 4 pm Eastern / 1 pm Pacific / 9 pm UTC
Thursday, April 20 @ 5 pm Eastern / 2 am Pacific / 10 pm UTC
Wednesday, April 26 @ 6 pm Eastern / 3 pm Pacific / 11 pm UTC


Our monthly livestream on Twitch will be before we are ready to go live with Arcane Update 4.0! Look for more info on that soon. Check out our last stream below:

  • Nathan Sylvain

    The drifter?… I like him 🙂

  • Sergio Reyes Ledesma


  • Terry Shyu

    I wonder if you guys would demo this in Betacon next weekend?

  • Dave

    This game is dope, seems a bit hard to find players though. Hopefully this comes out on Steam as well and allows the game to have a more healthy online! It really is one of the best VR games I’ve played.