The Unspoken – Drifter Class

Greetings Spellcaster,

The city is annotated. There are glyphs on every sidewalk, in every alley, and beneath every overpass—an other-dimensional scrawl visible only to the preternaturally aware.

Look hard enough, and you’ll see the future. The doors of perception are open wide for The Drifter!

The Drifter is a galactic wanderer with the unique ability to see a city that no other Spellcaster can see. These Primal Spells keep you one step ahead of your adversary:

  • Peer through the Evil Eye to see Embers before they manifest. Or use the Evil Eye to ward off enemy spells.
  • Draw back the two-handed Galactic Slingshot to charge an explosive microcosmic projectile.

Channel Embers to perform these Gesture Spells:

  • With a Volley Gesture, call Vermin to harass your foe from beyond the veil. These spectral crows fly up toward the heavens before diving at your opponent’s position.
  • With a Guard Gesture, surround yourself with a Celestial Shelter. This full-dome shield travels with you and conceals your actions, even as it absorbs damage.
  • With the new Conjure Gesture, raise a deadly Shatter Mine on an enemy’s pedestals—or right beneath their feet.

Dominate the physical space. Move to position before an Ember exists. Remove your opponent’s Embers at the exact moment of their inception. Herd your opponent across the arena with Shatter Mines, and then pick them apart with Vermin. Deceive them by concealing an Artifact with your Celestial Shelter.

Attune yourself to the cosmos and shrug off this terrestrial plane. But remember, you may well lose a direct battle. Your success hinges on foresight and subterfuge. Keep to the shadows.

Ever Watching,