The Unspoken: Balance Update 1.17.17


  • Circle Reaper: Reduced travel speed.


  • Cthulhu’s Grasp: Reduced max health.


  • Pyrotechnics: Reduced max number of fireworks by one.


  • Disc of Blades: Reduced travel speed.
  • Wildcards: Reduced travel speed.


  • Telekinesis: Telekinetic objects need to be closer to the caster before they can be thrown, Large telekinetic objects now travel to your hand as fast as smaller ones.
  • Mass Drop: Reduced travel speed, Reduced the time between car spawns, Increased car’s max health.
  • Force Bubble: Projectile slow speed is now consistent for all charge tiers.
  • Nathan Sylvain

    Hey, I know that not everybody is happy that you actually decided to try something new, but I want to say that this game looks amazing, and I really hope to see more in the future. 🙂