The Unspoken: Arcane Update 1.31.17

New Content

  • Lockport Bridge Arena: Duel for supremacy in a violent blizzard!
  • Bridge Wraith Summon: Awaken an interdimensional ice-demon to freeze your enemy!
  • Dark Tag Artifact: Conjure vision-obscuring paint traps on your opponent’s pillars!

New Features

  • Spectator Overlay: Health, Ember count, and Artifact loadouts are visible on the desktop window. Toggle visibility in the settings menu.
  • Practice while waiting: Primal Spells and target orbs are enabled in the ranked pre-match waiting zone.
  • Allegiance Indicators: Spells with allegiance properties display ownership marks.
  • Spell Health Bars: Arena Guardians and spell minions display health overlays.
  • Teleport Cooldown: Pillars display a teleport cooldown ring.
  • Arena Info: Arena selection globes display information panels.

Tuning and Fixes


  • Elmhurst Avenue: Moved the cover stone slabs slightly.
  • Pulaski Circle: The Spear Forge now respects the collision of the center statue.
  • Pulaski Circle: Moved cover tombstones slightly.

Anarchist Class

  • Pyrotechnics: Added markers to targeted pillars.
  • Pyrotechnics: Descending Fireworks are invulnerable.
  • Pyrotechnics: Further reduced the max number of fireworks by one.
  • Chaos Skull: Enabled minimum charge time.

Kineticist Class

  • Force Bubble: The Force Bubble now despawns properly.

Blackjack Class

  • Spectral Disc: Enabled minimum charge time.
  • Spectral Cloak: Added spillover damage when an inhabited cloak is destroyed.


  • Spear Forge: Reduced spear damage.
  • Spear Forge: Primal Shields now mitigate spear damage consistently.


  • Info toggle: Added a menu option to disable in-world player info UI: health and ember count.
  • HUD toggle: Added a menu option to set the in-headset status HUD to always on.


  • Reporting: ‘Report Player’ now functions as intended.
  • Skip Intro: Added a skip intro option to the menu during replay.
  • Ranking: Players will no longer lose rating points after a win.

  • dipsi0

    google trad:
    More balanced and more fun
    On the other hand big disappointment on the performances.
    Before the update with 1070 I could measure the ss to 1.2 and keep 90fps. Now from ss to 0.8 I switch to 45fps.
    So for my by a drastic bass performance.
    I hope to be the only one because if it does the same on smaller configurations it becomes unplayable.

    Plus équilibré et plus fun
    Par contre grosse déception sur les performances.
    Avant la mise a jours avec 1070 je pouvais mètre le ss à 1.2 et garder 90fps. Maintenant à partir de ss à 0.8 je passe à 45fps.
    Donc pour ma par une basse drastique des performances.
    J’espère être le seul car si ça fait pareil sur des plus petit configuration ça devient injouable.