Sunset Overdrive Trial and Deals with Gold


Many of you have played Sunset Overdrive in the months since it launched on Xbox One last holiday. We’re so grateful for all of your support and great feedback on the game.

We ran a trial period a while back and got a great response, so we’re going to do another trial through Xbox Live Xbox’s Trial and Deals with Gold! Running from June 9th through June 15th, Xbox Live gold and silver members can download the full game and play it* for up to three hours.

Additionally, the full game, season pass, and digital deluxe edition will all be 33% off for Gold Members during this period as well.

For best results with the three-hour trial, we recommend waiting for the game to download to 100% before you begin playing. While you can play earlier, you may have to wait for the game to continue installing!. Further, if you do quit the game mid-trial, be sure to actually exit the application (Xbox Home Button -> Menu Button -> Quit Game), to stop the timer! If you leave the game open while switching to another app like Watch TV, the timer may will continue in the background.

We hope that if you haven’t played Sunset Overdrive yet, you’ll take this opportunity to experience the first few hours of the game. And if you have played it, check out the awesome deals on the Season Pass (which includes two new story add-ons: the Mystery of the Moo-oil Rig and the Dawn of the Rise of the Fallen Machines) or tell your friends who haven’t played yet!

Thanks again for all of your support of Sunset Overdrive!

*Chaos Squad (Multiplayer) does require a gold subscription.

  • William Airhart

    thank you for bringing it back. thank you

  • Jason Westphal

    it;s been downloading for over an hour now and is at 8%. does that count as part of the huge time span of 3 hours i get to play it?

    • No, it’ll only count time you spend with the game open. That may include time when it’s in the background, but if you’ve not even started the game yet then that certainly will not count.

  • Leon

    Sunset Overdrive is the best Xbox One exclusives yet ! I’m probably going to buy Season Pass while it’s discounted

    • Taylor Brazelton

      I did, so should yoU!

  • Captain Splif

    do you get the achievements while playing trial?

    • Yes. It’s the full game. Achievements earned will be credited to your Xbox Live account. The trials ending cannot take that away from you.

  • Taylor Brazelton

    Love this game! Best one for the XBOX one if you ask me :D!

  • trfe

    Loved the game. Went back 6 months later to play all the DLC. Wish there was more!

  • Israel Ruelas

    Sunset Overdrive 2 Please! And keep it an Xbox One exclusive!!!

  • Keithon de Bique

    its free in gwg – gonna pick it up. I mean marked on my calendar already.

  • Jonathan Robert Symes

    Oh yeah it still records gameclips every so seconds it hasn’t been fixed so prepare to be an annoyed guys

  • Ramon

    Where’s the PC version. Do people not want to make Money $$$$$ ??