Official iam8bit Ratchet & Clank Collection


We are excited to announce the Official Ratchet & Clank Collection from iam8bit. All items will go on sale Thursday, April 7 at 10AM PDT through the iam8bit Store. Screen prints are limited to 350 so act now if you want one of those!


Limited Edition 6-Color Screenprint

Original art by Mark Englert
Limited to only 350 copies
36 x 12 inches


Vinyl Soundtrack

Soundtrack to the PS4 game composed by Michael Bross
Original art by Mark Englert
180-gram Translucent Orange Vinyl


Collectible Pin Series

Art by Tony Mora (Insomniac Games Artist)
Hard Enamel Pin
$10 each


Groovitron Oven Mitt

Design based off of the awesome Groovitron glove weapon
Heat resistant up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit


Captain Qwark Shirt

Dress like your favorite hero!

  • Tony

    those are some cool things

  • xero

    Shut up. Take money. etc.

  • Kaden

    Will they ship to Spain, too? They are pretty cool actually

    • UltimateEspo

      I ordered the 10th anniversary posters, and they shipped them to Norway, considering Norway usually is less priorited on most sites, i am guessing that they arew shipping to spain as well.

    • Try the UK store. There is a link in the blog that you can select. That will probably ship to Spain better than the US store.

  • Emiya Einzbern

    Take all my money!

  • ‘Joe Kisor

    wheres the toys figures?

  • Rajiv

    take all my money pls

  • Néo

    Je les veux directe !!!!!

    • Ein on Shrooms

      Oui Oui, ho ho ho, mon cherie!

  • Aaron Bush

    i want 100% discount on the print please

  • Ein on Shrooms

    Can’t wait for this game. One of the reasons I bought a PS4.

  • Jorden Bales

    Vinyl really?

  • Giant_Hat

    No fuzzy Lombax ears?

  • Маргарита Бугаева
  • PyroMaker3

    no figures,no wrench,no lombax ears,no clank backpack?