Moonlighting with Insomniac – March 2016 Edition


Hi Everyone,

As you know from last month’s Moonlighting with Insomniac, this year we’re focusing on diversity and women in the game development industry.  That theme continues this month with our guest speaker, Insomniac’s very own Lead Artist, Sing Ji.


Sing Ji, Lead Artist

Here’s a quick bio from Sing:

“My name is Sing Ji and  I am a lead artist at Insomniac Games. I have been working in the game industry for the last 8 years.  I started working as a concept artist at Disney R+D in Glendale right out of Art Center College of Design.  After Disney, I  worked at a casual games company called Big Fish Games as a lead artist. I’ve been at Insomniac Games for 5 years, and for about a year I have been working on one of Insomniac’s latest title, Song of the Deep.  I work with environment, character, and FX artists to shape the look and feel of the game.  I’m looking forward to chatting with you, and answering all your questions on WED!” 

Please join Angela and I, along with our guest Sing, on Wednesday, March 2nd at 1:30 PM PT / 4:30 PM ET.

The comments section is open now for your questions so feel free to post away and we’ll answer you when we log in on 2/3/16.  Please remember, we want to encourage open communication and informative discussions but we also need to be respectful around the subject. What subject are we being respectful of?  Not sure that this is needed – but maybe I’m missing something.

Looking forward to talking with you soon!

-Kerri & Angela

  • Angela

    HI Everyone –
    Thanks for joining us again for another session of Moonlighting. This month we have an Insomniac guest – our very own Sing Ji- Lead Artist for our group that is working on Song of the Deep… so let’s kick this session off…
    thanks – Angela

  • Kerri Zinkievich

    Hi Sing – I’m curious, what made you want to get into the Games Industry?

    • sing

      I always loved doing art ever since I was little, but what really made me want to be in the industry is when I used to work at an internet café when I was 18. I saw how there are so many different genres of games out there and they all had very cool art! And I really wanted to be part of making a great game.

  • Angela

    Sing – what skills do you think are important for people entering the industry to have? (Specifically art related) – thx!

    • sing

      For a 2D artist, it’s very important to have drawing and painting skill. Understanding of human and animal anatomy is essential for a character designer and understanding of perspective and color theory is key for creating environments. But most importantly you need to have the desire to be a better artist and have an imaginative mind!

  • Kerri Zinkievich

    Ok so diversity is the topic – Do you have any advice to young women who are interested in getting into Art in this industry or any ideas on how we draw more females into becoming interested in the industry?

    • sing

      This is a tough question.. I feel like the industry is changing very rapidly and more and more games are coming out tailored for a wider audiences. It’s probably most important that women express their interest in games and push towards making games they want to see.

    • Angela

      I think it starts in grade schools and high schools that encourage and show that arts -of all varieties- can be a job/career when one grows up. It’s not just about encouraging females, it’s about encouraging all walks of life to get involved in the industry, and encouraging kids from a young age to explore their artistic (or math) minds.

  • Kerri Zinkievich

    Well thats all for this edition of Moonlighting – a HUGE thank you to Sing for joining us today! We’ll talk next time on Wednesday, April 6th.

  • MrPsygo

    I didn’t even know this was a thing. I will check back next month for sure. A little late, but who is next month’s feature?

  • I’d love to attend events like this! :). I’m polishing my rigging and character reel because I have my sights on Insomniac!