Moonlighting with Insomniac – July 2016 Edition


Hi Everyone –

Thanks for checking out our Moonlighting blog! We are moving our monthly chat to WED, July 13, at 1:30 PM PT/4:30 PM ET this month. You ask why? Both of Kerri and I are out of the office. Same time, same space – just one week later. Hope you understand, and we will be sharing some insights on WED the 13th, about Insomniac.   Remember – this is your open forum to ask us all about Insomniac Games, our culture, our studios, and much more. Thanks much for being flexible and patient!

Angela and Kerri

  • Hello Angela and Kerri, and thank you for posting another Moonlighting discussion this month!
    I’m not sure if Carla Schwam is still available to answer questions, but if so:

    1. What is the most rewarding part of your job as the cinematics project manager? What kind of knowlege and skills are necessary for that position?

    HR / recruiting questions:

    2. What are some ways applicants can help make your job as a recruiter easier?

    3. What qualities make a potential candidate stand out (e.g. connections, recommendations, skill level, website, etc.)?

    Again, thank you for answering our questions!

    • Angela

      HI Lauren – Always good to see you and to answer your questions. I’ll hit the questions for HR, as I mentioned above Carla is unable to join us today, but hopefully she can answer that question in the future.

      Q#2- applicants can make my job easier by completing the application, submitting a full resume and then supplying us with the appropriate supporting documents- be it a reel, a link to their webpage, etc. It’s really just a matter of making sure that all the important info is included. If we can get a full picture of you as a candidate – THAT is what makes it easier to review/view a candidate.
      Q#3- Skill set is ALWAYS going to make a candidate stand out. That is the key and that will always be the most important element when applying at Insomniac. We are always looking to hire the best person possible, and a stand out skill set is what it takes. Making it easy to see that standout skill set helps too- but skills will always win the day!
      Thanks for asking – and great questions!

    • Kerri Zinkievich

      Hi Lauren, sorry Carla couldn’t make the session today, but Angela and I will be happy to answer your HR/Recruiting questions 🙂 Here we go:

      2. I think some things applicants can do to make our job as a recruiter easier are apply to only the jobs you are qualified for. Some people go with the “shotgun” approach and apply for everything, this is really time consuming for both that applicant and the recruiter. By applying to only jobs you are interested in/have skills to fill the role, it cuts down the time it takes to process your application. You can also make sure you have a clear and legible resume attached to an application. Sometimes those text only resumes parse strangely and screws with the format, having an attached resume that’s easily readable helps us determine more easily if you have the skills we’re looking for. Also, never submit a generic, one-size-fits-all resume or cover letter. You should really be customizing the resume to the position. Be available – if we want to call and speak with you, its great to get a call back/response within a day or two. Also, when scheduling phone calls or interviews, having a wide range of availability helps us get you in touch with members of our teams more quickly. I’m sure there’s a ton more and I could go on and on but those are a few suggestions.

      3. I think some qualities of standout candidates right away are things like having a website/reel/game or demo/portfolio available for review helps a TON. We and our managers can see what type of work you’re doing and if it relates to what we are looking for. Obviously having the skills in the JD are important but you also want to make sure they are highlighted on your resume as well. You know you possess those skills, now its your job to show that off to us. Show us how you match what we are looking for. Also, if a posting says “senior” level on it somewhere, please, make sure you are truly a senior level candidate – we specify years in the job we’d like you to have and might even mention having shipped titles as well. At Insomniac we have Internships during the summer for Students, Associate or “entry level” roles, Mid-level roles and senior level roles, make sure you’re applying to the ones that fit your skills best. Knowing someone is always helpful, whether it be in the company you’re applying at or in the industry who’s willing to give you a good recommendation. We do do reference checks if we decide to make an offer, so having those people to call on is always helpful.

      Hopefully I’ve helped answer those questions for you 🙂

  • Angela

    HI Everyone – it’s that time again to check in and chat about all things Insomniac! Looking forward to answering questions today. Carla will be joining us on a different session, as she is not able to join us today. It’s just Kerri and I… and here we go!
    Thanks- Angela

  • Angela

    I’ve got a question for Kerri to address: We don’t often talk about the studios themselves- so what is a fun fact about the NC studio that people would like to know?

    • Kerri Zinkievich

      Hey Angela, well some facts I’d like to share that aren’t that “fun” but I get asked about a lot are:
      *Yes, we are a full development team, we do house every role in this studio as well as in our Burbank Studio
      *We have about 40 full time employees here and a team of Contract QA folks
      *We work on / share many of the same projects as our home office in Burbank

      Some fun facts are about the NC studio are:
      *Most of us here love our BBQ and brews. That being said, we have a group of us that goes to happy hours on Thursday evenings across the street after work – we even have an email chain “NC Happy Hour” set up for it!
      *Another one is, this year (so far) we are going to welcome a total of 7 insomniac babies to our family! Don’t drink the water and congrats to all the parents and parents to be!

    • Kerri Zinkievich

      What about you Angela – Care to share a fun fact about CA’s Studio? I heard you guys have a pretty kick butt softball team?!

      • Angela

        Well- let’s see. A bunch is already known about our studio, but we have a giant OD’ed sitting at our front desk in reception- and it has scared more than one Insomniac. We just flipped the studio- so we moved about 170 people around, and that is still taking a little bit of time to get used to, we go thru a CRAZY amount of gummi bears in this office (and I blame myself for making the suggestion that we get them), the people in this office take their coffee habits VERY seriously, and we too are also having a baby boom in the studio, and it’s exciting to see the extended Insomniac Family grow!

  • Angela

    We’ll continue to answer questions as they come in for the next few days, so feel free to post. We’ll see you next month for another edition of Moonlighting.