Moonlighting with Insomniac – August Edition


Hi Everyone –

What’s summer without a summer break?  That’s exactly what Kerri and I are doing.  We are taking a break, to regroup, and think about awesome topics and line up a few guests for Moonlighting heading into the fall. Our goal from the start has been to make Moonlighting an interactive space for the exchange and sharing of knowledge but we’ll be honest, we have not seen the level of volume or interaction that we had hoped for.  So if you love Moonlighting, this is your chance to send us suggestions or an ideas so that we can improve our conversation.  We’d love feedback!.  While Moonlighting is taking a summer break, we’re still here to answer any questions that cannot wait- feel free to leave them here or email us at and we will get back to you.  We’ll keep you posted on our return.

Want to step inside Insomniac for a behind the scenes look and interviews with our incredible team? Check out our profile on the MUSE

We look forward to chatting with you soon!

Angela and Kerri

  • Hello Angela and Kerri. Hope all is well. I enjoy reading comments and interacting with others on Moonlighting and I hope that it will continue. Here are my ideas/suggestions on how to improve Moonlighting with Insomniac:

    1. A Day in a Life at Insomniac: I think it would be cool to see a video of an employee at Insomniac each week describing what they do and what they love about Insomniac Games.

    2. InsomniacREWARDS: The individual that communicates and interacts the most will be entered into a drawing and will be given a prize (signed poster, water bottle, Ratchet and Clank statue, video game, free studio tour, skype interview, etc…)

    3. Moonlighting with Insomniac on Twitch: I think it would be cool see Moonlighting with Insomniac brought to the Twitch community. It would be a live video of an Insomniac employee or a guest speaker and you guys talking about the game industry along with other cool topics.

    Well, those are my ideas and thanks for hearing them out. Moonlighting has been fun and I hope to chat with you all in the fall!

    – Donte’

    • Angela

      HI Donte’-
      Thanks for the thoughts. I know we are looking at a few options – and working on an solution (or two) that makes sense for us and for the audience. I think we will be looking at a relaunch later in the year/early next year. Keep your ears and eyes peeled to the page!
      Thanks- Angela

  • Hi Angela and Kerri. Hope you are enjoying the break!

    I would have to agree with Donte’ with the comment on using Twitch. It would be a lot more intuitive, but also a more interesting type of distribution. I feel this would definitely bump Moonlighting ratings if it were more of a visual show, rather than a forum. I understand it may take some time and effort to put it together, but the end result would be more of an attention grabber.

    Personally, I would like to see more interviews with some of the artists, specifically environment artists, prop artists and texture artists, from both NC and CA. Even though I’m fairly new within the working role as a 3D artist, it would be nice to see how Insomniac artists are progressing with the new techniques they are using. This would be made a lot simpler by being able to use Twitch to share this work, which would of course not be anything non-presentable, such as secret projects.

    Finally, if there was an information email sent out about Moonlighting, such as “Hey guys don’t forget to join us here….” If there is one already and I have somehow missed it, I apologize in advance. Also, if there were a Twitch channel, everyone would be able to follow/subscribe, to stay on up to date.

    Hope this information is helpful and look forward to future Moonlighting!


    • Angela

      Hi Kevin-
      Thanks for the comments as well. As I mentioned below – we are checking out a few ideas and seeing what makes the most sense. We hope to have the new and updated Moonlighting in effect for a relaunch in 2017. Thanks and keep up to date on any info here…
      Thanks – Angela