Moonlighting with Insomniac #3 | Applications & Interviews

Find out how to apply, What kinds of roles are available and What the interview process at Insomniac is like.

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Moonlighting with Insomniac is the twice-a-month show where we answer YOUR questions about recruitment and HR at Insomniac Games. We’d love to hear your questions. Leave a comment below!

  • Althis

    This series is just so useful! What I think a lot of people keep wondering when applying for a job at insomniac is “What is your work culture like at Insomniac”.

    We see a lot of results of the work done at Insomniac, and I’d hazard that anyone watching this probably already loves it, but how is it like to work day to day at Insomniac? That seems like an interesting topic for a video!

    P.S.: Also, how important to you is the college from which the applicant is coming from, when compared to the other parts of the application, such as portfolio and previous work experience?