Moonlighting with Insomniac #1 | Internships

Who’s eligible for an internship? When do the internships start? What positions are available? Angela answers all this and more in the first episode of Moonlighting With Insomniac.

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Moonlighting with Insomniac is the twice-a-month show where we answer YOUR questions about recruitment and HR at Insomniac Games. We’d love to hear your questions. Leave a comment below!

  • Spencer

    Thanks for being so generous and taking the time to answer questions that many of us have 🙂

    • Angela

      You are very welcome. Hope it helps and we’d love to know if there are any specific questions that you have, that we can address in future episodes!

      Thanks- Angela

  • BlinkThingy

    Hello Insomniac!

    I’m sure you guys get hundreds of applications and can’t reply back to everyone or even look at everyone’s application. Sometimes I would never hear back from an application but the position I applied for is still open. It would be really cool if you gave us your perspective of the application process on your end. Thank you!

    • Angela

      I think that is a great topic. It lets one behind the curtain, and shows our side of recruiting. We’ll keep this one on tap for sure!

      Thanks – Angela

  • Abulon Judy

    I need clarification on an internship posted.
    The internship says the students must be available 5 days a week for 40+ hours. Insomniac will work with the students regarding scheduling the hours, correct? If they are a full time student, is that taken into consideration when scheduling intern hours?
    Seeking answers for my student,

    • Angela

      Happy to clarify. Interns would not be able to attend school during their internship with us. We are looking at students who either take the summer off for an internship or for their summer credits- take an internship. It’s 40+ hours a week, MON- FRI, with schedules, deadlines and meetings. The interns are imbedded with the teams and have duties and responsibilities that would fill their weekdays.

      Hope that helps
      Thanks – Angela

      • Abulon Judy

        Thank you, Angela!
        I will relay the info.
        Happy Friday, and have an awesome weekend!

  • Justin Breidenbach

    I applied for the project management internship and it is exactly what I want to do in life for my career. I was wondering if there was anything I could do to increase my chances for landing an interview. The application also didn’t ask for a cover letter nor did I see a place to upload one, did i somehow miss it.

    Thank you for providing a forum like this!

    • Angela

      HI Justin –
      The best thing you can do is have a great resume that demonstrates your skills in project management. Have you been a PM on a project for school? Tell us what you did. Make sure we know you have had some experience in this area. Best of luck!

  • João Lucas Mendes

    Hi Angela,
    I have a very simple question, and I think you are the perfect person to answer it!
    I was wondering if skills unrelated to your position, but related to game development have a place in your resumé or cover letter.

    For example, I do a lot of illustration, animation and game design in my spare time, but usually apply for gameplay programming roles. My take is that, even if these skills are not useful for my job, I think they give me a better perspective of how my colleagues think and at very least makes it easier to communicate with them. That said, do you think such skills have a place in a resumé or cover letter? Or do you think they should focus exclusively on what you are applying for?

    • Angela

      HI Joao-
      I think that if you put these skills in a “hobby” or “other interest space” – it works, but beyond that – it can get confusion on exactly what you want to do, and where your skills are.

  • Tristan

    Hi Angela,

    I am really interested by your internships but I have a question regarding your offers. Indeed, to be eligible we need to go back to school in Fall 2017. But, in my case, I need to complete a 3 months mandatory internship to get my Master degree diploma. Once the internship completed, I wouldn’t go back to school since I would have graduated. ANd a job is not accepted by my school, only an internship is.
    Could I be eligible?

    Thank you very much!


  • Josh

    Hello Insomniac,
    It appears the project management internship is no longer listed. Has this position been filled already?
    Thank you!

  • Jhalyn Haynes-Haskins

    Hello Insomniac,

    I’m very excited just for the opportunity to work with guys. I mean, SPYRO THE DRAGON! That’s gaming history! My question is what skill level would you like your Animation Interns to be at? I’m currently finishing up iAnimate Game Workshop 2. I would love to know so that I can be above your expectations and be a valuable teammate in the future.

    Thank you,

    Jhalyn Greene