Insomniac, Oculus Announce Update to Feral Rites Pricing

Happy Friday, everyone! It’s been a momentous week for Insomniac. Most of you know we just launched Feral Rites, our second virtual reality game on Oculus Rift and the first VR brawler-adventure of its kind.

As we do with all our games, we’ve paid careful attention and responded to player feedback so far. We appreciate the support from everyone who has experienced Feral Rites, and we understand the concerns as well — especially about the game’s price. Effective immediately, the price of Feral Rites is $29.99. The game’s original price was largely based on all the work that went into it. We’re proud that Feral Rites is among the largest VR games of its kind available today.

Oh, and one more thing. You may have seen that the Oculus Fall Sale has begun. Feral Rites is a part of the sale, which means you can buy the game for $9.99 USD through Tuesday, September 20! That’s 66% off! After that point, Feral Rites will return to its $29.99 price point.

For those of you who bought the game at the original price, we’ve worked with Oculus to provide you with the following games for free to thank you for your early support.

  • AirMech Command
  • Damaged Core
  • Defense Grid VR
  • Chronos
  • Edge of Nowhere
  • The Climb

The games should automatically appear in your library by Sunday, September 18. If you have any questions about this, please contact the Oculus support team at and click on Contact Us.

We deeply appreciate our Community’s passion for all the games we make, even when that feedback is sometimes difficult to hear. We’ll continue to monitor feedback about Feral Rites and Edge of Nowhere — and we cannot wait to show you more spellbinding details about The Unspoken very soon. Please continue to chat with us on Twitter and visit us on Facebook. We love hearing from you!

  • hots

    Not sure why it’s rated ages 13+ on the Oculus store when it’s so gory
    Not sure why it’s not on steam/vive
    Not sure why the launch trailer doesn’t properly showcase the gameplay perspective and features, thank goodness for youtubers who show actual gameplay
    Not hating, just pointing out weird mistakes

    • We are just using the Oculus ratings. Oculus Studios is funding this game (and all our VR games) and as such, it is exclusive to the Oculus Store.

      • hots

        I’d suspected that but it’s a shortsighted plan coming from an established game developer; headset exclusives hurt the already small vr market. The facebook money may be significant compared to the lost sales but exclusives will prevent vr from hitting mainstream appeal.

        • These games would not have existed without Oculus.

  • Timothy Armstrong

    I bought at full price and have no regrets whatsoever…even before this, plus I have all of the other titles Oculus is giving away…you guys are awesome and make my two most favorite games…EoN and now this…I thought it was simply going to be…’ok’ but man it gets better and better as I move on…The reason I LOVE your games are they are the only ones that keep me wanting to jump back in…that and the artwork…HOLY CRAP are you guys creative…I LOVE the spirit guide and all of the particle effects…KILLER job 🙂

    • Thanks for playing and supporting us!

  • Frdjck

    Instabuy for me at 9.99$. Would have waited for a sale at 30$ or less, but at 10$!!! Pure joy! Thanks for listening to your fans!

  • Philip Dudra Jr

    that is bullshit I was going to buy it today because I got paid today but now I suffer I would of liked those games not cool I still bought game and yes I care . but ya not every is in the best of money standings and can buy at will. wish i was rich but I’m not I think this is not a good way to promote I’m a family man can do it all. so think of us… btw I still bought your game but not happy hope it is good as your xbox game

  • Nashoba Darkwolf

    You have a bug in Mangrove where the journal book to the lower SW cannot be clicked on because it is near a wall and between two dividing lines. Please fix soon.

  • Nashoba Darkwolf

    Just beat the game. Well worth the $10 USD. All I would ask is add a Game+ mode and it would be perfect! Thanks Insomniac for awesome beat-em-up!