Mutants, Space Marines, and aliens have destroyed scientific outposts on Mars, and now they are threatening Earth and several space stations. However, the Lightstormer Corp. won’t take this lying down. Luckily, they have developed new secret weapons: psionics. The psionic brain implants increase the natural mental powers found in everyone. The increase allows the Lightstormers to heal themselves, drain energy from enemies, or give enemies a nasty electric shock. However, these new powers rapidly eat up psionic energy. Take control of a Lightstormer member as he uses pistols, rifles, cannons, and the ultra powerful plasma lance to blast his way through 13 levels of action with over 20 different kind of enemies. Can the mutants be stopped? Will psionic implants be enough? The answers to these questions can only be found in Disruptor.

Publisher: Universal Interactive Studios
Platform: PlayStation
ESRB Rating: T