Cool Guys Don’t Look at Explosions

*Update*: You can now watch the trailer here!

Hey everyone,

Marcus Smith, the creative director of Sunset Overdrive here! We’ve been working hard to put the explosive final touches on our live action trailer. This has been a huge shoot for us, involving taking over the backlot and turning it into a real-life version of colorful Sunset City.

To give you a sneak peek of the trailer, we wanted to share some photos from the set. You can see how amazing it looks. We’re totally going to put that Sexburger sign in the office when we’re done.


The props are perfect too, including the dozens of innocent teddy bears eagerly waiting their turn to be launched into dynamite-propelled heaven. And wouldn’t you know it, Fizzie demanded screen time too. Talk about an inflated ego.



The live-action trailer will be out soon! So keep an eye on Insomniac Games and Sunset Overdrive on Twitter for the exact moment we unleash it on the world!


  • Izzy Rae Rust

    OoOOOO!!! I want one of the teddy bears! 😀 Explosive CUDDLES!

  • joe spinato

    should’ve been on playstation

    • sonicboom

      LOL ummm… NO.

      • sonicboom

        PSN servers suck!

  • Bahazbz

    Still waiting for PS4 or the far more likely PC launch. Cheers to your newest franchise Insomniac.