Cinematic System

Jonathan Garrett (one of our Lead Engine Programmers) recently introduced our new realtime cinematics system to the team that a bunch of Core engine programmers have been working hard on for a while now. If you’ve been following our previous notes on our tools, you’ll know that our tools are webapps (except for the 3D scene view which is natively running our game/engine). We definitely took a lot of the lessons we’ve learned in creating previous HTML5/Javascript tools which interact with the game and our servers and applied them to this new tool. Cinematics in particular are much more complicated than anyone ever thinks to develop, and as such this is easily one of our most sophisticated tools. While the presentation slides here are short on implementation details, I hope you’ll still enjoy this inside look into one of out web-based tools built for large-scale productions.

  • Renan Ferreira de Almeida

    I love technical posts like this one! Keep ’em coming. 😀
    It’s a shame I won’t be able to play Sunset Overdrive, but you guys are still one of my favorite game companies and I hope you are successful with it. Just don’t forget about your long-time PlayStation fans. 🙂

  • Jeffrey Ozanne

    That looks amazing!

  • The link is broken, please fix.