Full Moon Show

Join Community Lead James Stevenson, Chief Creative Officer Brian Hastings, Designer Rowan Belden-Clifford and Associate Community Manager Brandon Winfrey as they discuss Insomniac’s latest game, Outernauts. This show discusses the process of making the game, along with the challenges and surprises along the way. We also discuss our favorite beasts and parts of the game. It’s the first in-depth chance to hear directly from the development team on Insomniac’s first ever game on Facebook!

The guys from Mastodon stop by the Insomniac offices to talk Brutality Pack with Ted and James in this special video episode of the Full Moon Show. Check out this exclusive interview from Insomniac, along with behind-the-scenes footage of Mastodon going hands on with Resistance 3. Brutality Pack is available on the PlayStation Store for $3.99

Join senior community manager James Stevenson, creative director Marcus Smith, lead designer Drew Murray and senior designer Cameron Christian as they headline the 60th episode of the Full Moon Show. We discuss Resistance 3, what 3 years meant to the project, our favorite weapons in the game and much more. Plus, a whole segment devoted to your questions. And a special guest appearance from our intern Brandon Winfrey on his 21st Birthday.

During our PlayStation Blog takeover, we wanted to bring you a behind the scenes look at Resistance 3, what we’ve been doing the last two years and what the last year of development will bring us. We also discuss our Resistance 3 war room at our office, as well as the making of the GamesCom and VGA trailers.

Check out the latest episode of the Full Moon Show – the full hour of discussion as we looked back at Resistance 2 before the release of the Game Informer cover story on Resistance 3. Listen in as Ted, Drew, Jake and James discuss R2’s development, and you might even get a sneak listen to some new Resistance 3 music.

This week on the Full Moon Show, we take a look back at the development and reaction to Resistance 2.

Join President and CEO Ted Price, Lead Designer Drew Murray, Lead Multiplayer Designer Jake Biegel, and Senior Community Manager James Stevenson as they have a wide-ranging, frank, and revealing conversation about the development of R2.

See never-before revealed footage of our 2008 hit-shooter, and hear never-before-told stories about the development of the game in this special video edition of the Full Moon Show.

The latest episode of the Full Moon Show is here, and was recorded live at the Penny-Arcade Expo on Sunday, September 5th, 2010. Listen in as we discuss the founding of the North Carolina studio, the desicion to create Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One, and talk about the build-up to revealing the game at GamesCom.

In addition, we talk about what it takes to get a job at our North Carolina studio, and take a ton of your questions!

Join us on the latest episode of the Full Moon Show for a new edition of Beyond the Game. This week, one of Insomniac’s lead designers, Drew Murray, discusses his path into the game industry. From trying to become a chef, to completing law school and starting a career as a lawyer, Drew’s path proves that it’s never too late to start following your dreams.