Announcing Song of the Deep!

Today we’re announcing Song of the Deep – a brand-new Metroidvania-style underwater adventure. In the game, you follow Merryn, a young girl who is trying to find her father – a fisherman lost to the depths. She builds a rickety submarine to search for him beneath the waves.

You can check out the debut trailer for the game here:

You’ll follow Merryn’s submarine on a journey under the sea, exploring an expansive and mysterious world. You’ll discover sunken cities and diabolical puzzles. You’ll upgrade your ship with new abilities powered by a mysterious substance called Tyne. You’ll battle strange creatures who are intent on dragging you further into the depths.

We’ve been secretly working on building this strange and beautiful world and are now excited to share the first glimpse with you!

SOTD_BoneVault SOTD_MerrowRuins_Action SOTD_MerrowRuins_Statues SOTD_SeaGarden

We’re also happy to say that the game will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. No matter which platform you prefer, you’ll be able to purchase the game physically at GameStop stores (you can pre-order it from them now) or you can download it directly from PSN, Xbox Live, or Steam. Song of the Deep launches in Summer 2016 for $14.99.

We’re looking forward to sharing much more from Song of the Deep in the months leading up to launch. In the meantime, you can follow Song of the Deep on Twitter, Like it on Facebook, or discuss in the forums!

Thanks for all of your support of Insomniac and our games!




  • greyjj

    Exciting. I cannot wait!

  • Antonio

    Love it

  • Carlos Luis Ayala

    Wait Gamestop is publishing it?

    • Better than EA right?

    • Timothy Eberl

      No, Gamestop is not publishing it, you idiot. Read the article again. They are distributing it. Insomniac is making the game…that makes them the publisher. Good God…do they teach nothing to kids in school these days?!

      • No need for name calling. GameStop is technically the publisher, yes. They are helping with marketing and distribution, but Insomniac has full creative control and owns the IP. It is a non-traditional publisher/developer relationship, but they are still the publisher.

  • Can you please make this game for Wii or Mac!

  • Michael DeGuzis

    Will this have SteamOS support?

  • Маргарита Бугаева